Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Voice of A.I.

FB (as well as other social media) does something odd and misleading: it reveals the 'inside our own head' voice to the outside world in a way that reveals us like no medium ever before, giving all of us the illusion of having a peek inside the private sanctum of our friends' minds. But, the 'inside our own head' voice that comes across as so intimate and revealing is as misleading to the writer as to the reader. That 'inside our own head' voice is as often as un-transparent and demonically Other as voices we hear 'outside' our head, coming from others. The inner sanctum of our own mind brims over with introjects and projections that aren't transparent to the 'thinking' self in each of us: it's an ongoing conversation in there between parts of us; a cauldron of whispers; and when we let part of that conversation loose into the world--often via FB, often in the form of snark or outrage--we reveal not so much 'ourself' as we reveal one of the introjects with which we converse. And more: those introjects tend not to be all that... personally individual; they're often shared; they're transpersonal; these introjects are cultural and social; and insofar as they're our collective introjects as only manifest via FB (or other social media) itself, they're kind of A.I. So, that 'inside our own head' voice that seems so intimate, often so raw, isn't all that revealing of the individual soul who's writing. It reveals the 'ghost' in the machine more than it does us.

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