Saturday, July 23, 2016

Condolences to my GOP friends

RE: the GOP Convention: please forgive me, but I'm so definitely savoring delicious retributive (possibly premature) schadenfreude. I don't think Democratic secret operatives could have done more to destroy it than these feckless egomaniacs on the podium.

I actually do feel badly--quite badly--for my reasonable GOP friends who are cringing at this sorry spectacle. There's a real place in our political discourse and market place for 'traditional values,' belief in individual responsibility, and fiscal restraint, and I hope these values find a more reasonable voice, in coming years. BUT, the contemporary GOP has sold both the country and its own party a con, and I can't help enjoy seeing the reductio ad absurdum of its decades-long strategies of obstructionism and vilification of politics unfold.

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