Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I believe...

I believe international trade agreements that bend toward free trade do more good than harm.
I believe nuclear power has a role to play in reducing climate change.
I believe the US is and should remain a moral and strategic leader in world affairs, economically, socially, and militarily.
I believe in a hearty federal government that regulates private industry, when necessary, for reasons of health, safety, and economic equity. I believe especially that the financial services industry is currently not regulated sufficiently and must be watched over.
I believe that "quarterly capitalism" is a tragedy and a farcical expression of what capitalism is meant to be.
I believe in fierce enforcement of civil rights for everyone.
I believe that economic inequity must be reduced drastically if the American project is to succeed.
I believe that racism continues to be the American original sin that we have yet to vanquish or correct and that 'reparations' are due to the descendants of slavery in America, and that those reparations must take the form of providing early childhood health, safety, and education, and equal opportunity in education and the workforce...
...But I also believe that 'class' is as much a divider in America as race, and that our public school system enables our divisions, to which end, I believe that 'the original sin' of the American public school system is funding it through local property tax, which allows the haves to pull further and further ahead of the have-nots. We should fund all schools more or less equally.
I believe stridently in the separation of church and state.
I believe in strong regulation of firearms and that the Second Amendment is, on the one hand, misread by many, and, on the other hand, is sorely out of date.
I believe capital punishment is wrong in all cases.
I believe that affordable/often free health care for all is a civil right (though I don't know how best to get there).
I believe that my beliefs are always provisional and never the same a 'truths.' My beliefs are subject to change when subjected to experience, more information, and better arguments put forward by others.
I believe that Hillary Clinton is a good, if not perfect, match for my beliefs.

(I also believe that social media is a good forum for sharing and vetting our beliefs with fellow citizens. Democracy is a contact sport. We're all this together.)

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