Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let's Talk Politics Wherever We Can!

What would be worse than all of this political hoop-de-do on FB and other social media? 


"Democracy is not a spectator sport," said President Obama, tonight. FB and other social media are places where we can go to hash it out. We're making arguments here, sometimes crudely, sometimes only implicitly, usually inefficiently, but we're--collectively, in aggregate--making arguments. Yes, most of us are mostly confined to our 'bubbles,' but within those bubbles, all the back-and-forth, lost tempers, repeated memes, and frequent silliness eventually clarify our values and our positions; and, sometimes, the bubble isn't hermetically sealed, so that a debate with someone outside of it ensues. That has happened on my own fb wall a bit, though due to my own shortcomings (I totally freak'n lost patience with 'Bernie or Bust people,' for instance), not as much as I'd like. But, that's ok. This is the agora, the public square, the soapbox in Tompkins Square Park on which one bedraggled prophet after another rants, and eventually enlightens us.

Keep it up, folks. Democracy is a contact sport.

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