Sunday, August 14, 2016

In My Wanderings...

...I have hitchhiked through the West Bank without incident. When I lived on a sailboat in the Out Islands of the Bahamas, another sailer gave me his spare oil pump (for free) when mine failed. Bicycling in Nova Scotia, I knocked on the door of an unfinished house that was not yet opened as a B&B and spent the evening eating and drinking brandy with the owners. On Eleuthera, in the Bahamas, I walked into a town and knocked on the door of a house in front of which a handmade sign that read "chicken." I sat in the kitchen while the older woman defrosted a chicken and fried it. After a day wandering noisy and dusty Cairo, I walked into a lovely building on the Nile (that looked public) only to discover it was a private club. They let me stay and served me coffee and pastry. I have sailed, walked, bicycled, hitchhiked, motorcycled, and driven just barely enough to know the world is not a bad place.

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