Monday, August 01, 2016

The Hitler Card

I must admit Trump is challenging me: he is so outside of acceptable moral, ethical, and political norms, that I think a vote for him is a stunning admission of moral and intellectual muddle-headedness, at best, and outright, sociopathic contempt for humanity, at worst. I won't say that Trump is comparable to the Hitler we know from WWII, but he is almost comparable to the Hiter of the Weimar and Brown Shirts: he says things that are not only outlandish, but also intensely violent, and he tells us he is going to do things that are intensely violent and illegal, e.g., round up Muslims, torture FAMILIES of SUSPECTED terrorists, revive military use of torture, threaten the press (e.g., WAPO) etc. (AND probably support Putin's expansionist aims in eastern Europe), and we have absolutely no reason to believe he WON'T do these things. People thought Hitler would moderate when he became Chancellor. That didn't happen. Trump is uniquely dangerous.

[That Trump appeals mostly to uneducated poor and working class voters DOES and SHOULD make us mindful of the extent to which American politics and American Finance has failed poor and working families, and we must respect the cry of frustration and pain that is articulated in a bumper sticker or vote for Trump. We must correct our politics and financial structures so those people are not left behind; but, the plight of the poor and working class is an explanation, not an excuse. Trump is worse that the disease--and to most people, I hope and believe, this is obvious. I do believe that Hillary Clinton will win this election in a landslide; that she'll probably take nearly every state in the union. But, if I'm wrong, we're going to have some explaining to do, to our children.]

(I don't often pull out the Hitler card.)

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