Wednesday, February 01, 2017

No Place to Run

I struggle to read the newspapers. I think I feel as I did when bullied as a teenager, when I couldn't safely walk down the hallway during middle school or freshman year, and so asked my parents if I could go to prep school, starting as a sophomore. I had to get out of the Vermont public high school I was in and flee to a Connecticut boarding school because the combination of not being quite athletic enough, being a little too smart, and having parents who were Jewish and former New Yorkers, was getting me beat up. I was called "kike" on the play ground and accused of getting good scores on tests because my parents were rich. I didn't fight back well (my younger siblings were tougher) so I got out. Now, I read about the GOP admonishing the Dems not to be "obstructionist" and insisting on their right to fill a stolen Supreme Court seat, and the Trump/GOP insistence on scapegoating immigrants, and the dumbfounding stupidity of climate change denial, and the heavy drumbeat of racism and White Supremacist Will to Power out of the Trump/Bannon White House, and I don't see any 'boarding school' to which I can run, for a few years. I'm stuck here with the bullies. We all are. And I don't know if we're effectively going to defend ourselves. Today, the newspapers are whinging about Left Dems making the mistake of emulating the Tea Party by becoming 'obstructionist,' but I don't buy it. I think we're just being called "kike" on the playground. But we can't afford to run. Fight back. Fking fight back, Democrats. Don't worry too much about avoiding the next civil war. It's already begun, you just haven't accepted it, yet. There's no place to run.

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