Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Kevin Spacey

I wrote the below post before both news reports and peope I know in the industry, who have first hand knowledge of Spacey's proclivities, have made it clear that he's a sexual predator and pedophile. It always breaks my heart to learn something so vile about someone I respect for other reasons. Unfortunately, it's time to withdraw any sympathy from Spacey, and turn him over to the justice system. Perhaps in time he will do the work that makes it not self-victimizing to extend him sympathy. But that time's not now.

I’m not ready to crucify Kevin Spacey just yet. He is guilty of narcissism in thinking that a statement about his sexuality was relevant to a statement of regret for making an aggressive drunken sexual advance on a young teenager, but I would leave it up to Mr. Rapp to say whether Mr. Spacey’s actions remain unforgivable or not, and I hope that Mr. Spacey will be able to, in the calm of reflection rather than in the immediate moral panic of the revelation of his wrong doing, better articulate his remorse. I doubt that HE processes his own words as excusing his actions by adducing his sexuality, and in hindsight realizes he created the appearance of doing just that. My sympathies go entirely to Mr. Rapp, of course, and Mr. Spacey has work to do, but as of yet he appears to be no monster.

I'm grateful to all those who have been sexually molested or harassed continue to speak out; this appears to be a genuine turning point for all of us. Mr. Rapp, and those who's shoulders he stands upon, require our thanks.

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