Sunday, December 10, 2017

Freedome from Harrassment Ultimately Depends on Due Process

In this moment of revolution I believe we need and want to affirm both the right of women (and men) to live and work free from the harassment of powerful people—usually men—AND the role of other democratic principles that, in the long run, reenforce that right, though in the short run may complicate the search for justice in individual cases. We can NOT abandon due process, rule of law, and the need for credible evidence. I do NOT believe OR disbelieve ‘every’ accusation just because it’s been made. I take every accusation seriously and expect due process to best determine what course of action best leads to justice in responding to it.
Law is not a tangle of technical niceties. It’s the bedrock of civil rights and the condition of the possibility of building an ever more just society.
I support due process for both accusers and the accused and cheer when it justly brings down perpetrators and disempowers predators.

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