Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Long term Plans A and/or B

I'm constantly plotting my long term retreat from acting (this shyte doesn't work out, I'm done within the next three years), two ideas stick: 1) open a bar (despite my family's adamant disapproval!) and/or 2) start a small theatre/film production company. The bar I can do on my own. For a theater/film production company, however, I'd need partners. My last half-hearted crack at producing went awry because I used more enthusiasm than brains and got involved with a crook.
The film I'm currently working on I don't think's any good, but I'm finishing it, so I can write the NEXT one, which more than a few friends have heard me talk about. It's still interesting to me. For it I'll be dipping into the relatively small pool of colleagues who are equally at home on camera and in Shakespeare.

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