Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mixing Up One's Act

In the past year, *TV I've auditioned for includes BLINDSPOT, THE BLACKLIST, HAPPY, RAY DONOVAN, HOUSE OF CARDS, BULL, GOTHAM, QUANTICO, THE SINNER, Z NATION, YOUNGER, TURN, HOMELAND, and GRIMM (and multiple times for 9 of these 14 shows). I only booked one (so far) and 'pinned' another. I'm grateful, but man, it's not easy. 
The job is just to keep showing up until the tumblers click into place. That happens at a different time for everyone, it seems. Sticking it out without succumbing to feeling delusional--neither unjustifiably optimistic nor pessimistic--is a spiritual practice; the art of letting go of expectation.
And that's why I'm adding professional scuba diver to my portfolio: it doesn't pay any better than acting, but you can plan for it. I recommend that artists maintain mixed portfolios of skills and interests; those who do seem happiest to me.
*I also auditioned for, and booked, a short film, film, and industrial, and will perform again in PROTEST, for THE ALLIANCE FOR NEW MUSIC-THEATRE, this coming December, in Miami, which--along with a bunch of pro bono readings I've participated in for TITAN THEATRE CO.--helps keep my soul fed.

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