Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Emotional Athletes

I like to complain about actor narcissism--my own and of others--but not only is that low hanging fruit--an easy and obvious target--but it also belies the special thing about actors that makes them NOT like (other) people: we've turned our emotional insides out, so that we CAN DO what we do. EVERYONE is 'narcissistic' (a pop term that most of us probably don't understand well), partly because EVERYONE is a little bit afraid, a little bit lonely, a little bit anxious to be liked, a little bit insecure about his/her looks (EVERYONE gazes at their image a bit too long.)
Actors are a special, tender breed of emotional athlete, who not only do--but ARE--what everyone else can't do and be. I love them (just not in groups when their anxiety about being 'seen' is too high, e.g., in casting waiting rooms and at SAG/AFTRA screenings). 
We need actors to remind us we have hearts.

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