Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Guiding Qualities

What is the guiding quality of your art? Mine seems to be: a tragic sensibility, which fuels both my humor and straight dramatic take on the world. One thing I find missing in the political left and right is a sense of tragedy, which they replace instead with the bathos of victimhood. My art is against both victimhood and the expression of it through utopian fantasy. My art is for stocking our individual and collective selves with the internal resources we need to love each other better.
My art is as much 'anti-ideological' as it's possible to be while also still making a stand for the empowerment of the individual 'self,' which is an illusion perhaps, but an essential and useful one, as long as we recognize how much the 'self' is composed of trans-self phenomena such as language and inherited culture, as well as by the individually experienced dicta of the body (e.g., we may all bump our shins on chairs, and we may all feel pain when do, but we each do it alone, whereas we never really experience language and culture 'alone.')
I'm for 'the self,' in spite of the po-mo hordes.

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